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2010-06-03 05:46:10 by Neosparx

finally my first music submition



man all the flashes i do suck compared to the other 99% of newgrounds.
i think ill just go and make some art for the art portal.
flashes id do well are collaborated with friends.

im working something kinky. so hold on to your thongs.

another day with nothing to submit


2009-06-09 05:12:01 by Neosparx

so bored MUST NEED AWSOME GAME (like portal defenders and other stuff).

for da powa of 3

2009-05-17 06:43:49 by Neosparx

hey u know for the power of 3 event...................I NEED A PROGRAMMer AND MUIScian cause i'm a good artist and storyboard writer

to be a newbie!!!!!!!

2009-05-01 08:29:10 by Neosparx

Hello newgrounders and tom and dan. nothing much is happening right now for me but i'm working on something HUGE!!!!! ..............but i have something to say. you see my profile pic it looks the guy from the flash "cyanide and happiness" and johny magic from "skater vers. 2 ". BUT i got that idea of the green blank guy before, like before i was on NG. (to be exact i think its 1999 or around 2001). but the guys who made the flashes i said i made that idea so .................i can copy him too. anyway my big flash project is about the green blank guy (Neo) and he wants to make the world at peace which means facing the WAR...................................
.. until next time .Neosparx (bob)

P.S: i wish my character and me as a character would one day be put in a game

to be a newbie!!!!!!!